About Transfercase

Release Date for Reduced to Absurdity:

Late March/Early April

Genre: Can't quite pin it down. . . but Cook calls some of it Heavy Mellow.


Kevin Peterson
Tracy Cureton
Troy Rasmussen
Jason Cook

Brian Carter

Additional musician:
Colt Angell

Hometown: Rexburg, Idaho
Record Label: Transfercase, LLC


In 2008, Troy moves back to Idaho, Madison County, Rexburg. That fall, Troy and Kevin get together and write some songs. In 2009, Kevin and Troy invited Tracy to play and Cook comes along, too. Kevin plays rhythm/lead guitar and accordion, Tracy plays bass (and drums for now) and sings, Cook plays lead guitar, Troy sings, gets coffee and does the legal shiz, and Brian plays rhythm/lead guitar. We named the band Transfercase. There we are.

Current Location: Southeast Idaho near Rexburg. Kevin is near Bakersfield, California
General Manager: All of us collectively
Booking Agent: Any of us; with final approval from all of us
Press Contact: transfercasemusic@gmail.com

Band Interests
Fishing (except for Troy, he just hangs out)
Floating rivers
jumping rope
connect four